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Other Policies

Pick Up & Delivery

When you place your order, you will select a pick-up date or a delivery date. For delivery, the days and times vary by location.

If you change your default delivery point while you have an active order, this change will only be applied to your next order. We will deliver your order to the address listed on your online account.

You are responsible for verifying that your address is correct. We provide time slots for home delivery. Though we will try our best to respect the selected time slots, we cannot guarantee that your delivery will be made within this time frame. Any individual at the delivery address who accepts a delivery is presumed to be authorized to receive it. In cases in which you have designated an alternative receiver, such person shall accept the delivery under all of the same terms and conditions that would apply had you accepted the delivery yourself. If you choose to authorize the driver to leave the delivery at your door then you are presumed to have received delivery when the order is left at your door.

Refunds/exchange policy

You are responsible for inspecting all items in your order for any damage or other problems upon pick-up or delivery. In addition, you are solely responsible for determining the freshness of the products you receive and confirming that the items are in proper condition for consumption, including the refrigerated or frozen items. In the unlikely event that the temperature zone has not been maintained adequately, or you have any other reason to believe that any other product in your box is not suitable for consumption, please contact us directly. To maintain the quality and integrity of the products, we recommend that you immediately refrigerate all perishable products upon receipt of all products.

Missed delivery

If you are not at home when your delivery arrives, you have the option of allowing the driver to leave your order outside your door. If there is no one to accept the delivery and you have not authorized the delivery to be left at your door, or if it cannot be left at your door, then the box will not be delivered. You can contact customer service at: __________

Unforeseen events

In the case of bad weather or other events beyond our control that interfere with our ability to deliver your order, we will attempt to deliver your order as soon as reasonably possible within the same day. In the unlikely event that the delivery of your order is not feasible, we will deliver on the following business day. If you no longer want the order, we will issue a credit or refund.

Food Safety

We do our best to ensure that all foods are safe for consumption when they arrive at your location. Please refrigerate and/or freeze all your food products once you have received your order.

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